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Thread: New Member's Fish and Indoor Pond

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    Wow! Thank you so much, Cynthia! Tsunami and Ray were rescues. They were both on their sides when I bought them. I had to try and save them. I couldn't leave them behind. Tsunami had no fins. He was starved to near death and ate his fins to survive. His water was filled with a black beard algae plague. He had a difficult battle with swim bladder for several months. He's still a special needs Betta. And, he requires Betta flakes in the morning and organic, frozen, microwaved, peeled pea bits for dinner. He's 100% now. Ray was living in ice cold water. And, he has permanently damaged and curled fins due to someone keeping him in hard water. He was completely emaciated when I got him. Ray, also, had a battle with swim bladder for several months. And, he's 100% now too. Ray is, also, special needs and follows the same diet plan that I give to Tsunami. My Bronze Oranda Pom Pom Fancy Goldfish baby was starved, very thin and weak. Dill's tank was filthy and I could hardly see this sweet little baby through the green algae plague that covered the walls of the tank. I had to rescue Dill too. Dill's very happy with, Sumo, my Red Cap Oranda. They share a spacious indoor heated pond. Dill's favorite hobby is begging for food. I'm looking forward to meeting you too, Cynthia!
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