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Thread: New Tank and a New Fish

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    To enjoy my Orandas more, I decided to put them in a decorative tank. It's difficult to see them in my indoor pond. And, it's even more difficult to see when the pond needs cleaning. There is a new addition! A Solid White Oranda Fancy Goldfish baby named, Vanilla Bean. I confess I didn't get enough sleep last night. I was hoping the Solid White Oranda would still be at the store this morning. And, I was relieved to find the baby was still there. My tank has a Korea style influence. I visited Korea and observed fish keeping there. Koreans have tanks with minimal decorations. Usually, there are just a few stones with a live plant (roots of the plant in a glass within the tank) and one or two Goldfish. There are no heaters or filters. There are regular water changes and their fish live for many years.
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