Hello all,

Summer is here. Lots of family vacations and so little time for our tanks
It's been great seeing all the previous members re-new their memberships and we've had several new people/families join.

We would REALLY like to see more people at the club meetings and gatherings.
It's not easy to match up to everyone's schedules, but getting feedback from the members helps the group.

If you can't make an event, we certainly understand. We would still like to hear from you. Let us know if there are special interests you may have or any ideas to make the meetings or field trips more accessible. perhaps earlier planning? Are you all receiving the emails and event notifications from the website?

Remember that the club participation helps the our sponsoring of school tanks and helps the community learn more about this awesome hobby.

I really like our board of directors, but I would love to have new people to meet and hope more people start to attend and communicate on the club website.

We are here with and for you and your fish

Happy Reefing!