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Thread: Facebook Raffle

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    Default Facebook Raffle

    I'm very skeptical of entering any types of raffles on Facebook and I do not like to get spammed with ads. I broke down and decided to enter on The Deep End's Facebook page (TDE Coral). 64 people entered. I received a notification that I won last night. I'm so excited.

    Here is what I won:

    1 rainbow anemone
    1 watermelon psammacora
    1 purple w/ green eyes favia
    1 pink lemonade acro, ~1" frag
    1 green tort

    All I had to do is pay overnight shipping. Can't believe it!

    Here are the pics of what I won. The Lemonade acro is the mother colony but will receive a 1" frag from it. I think I'm going to hold off on having them sent due to the extreme cold weather.
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    very cool!
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