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About Us:
The Southern Maryland Marine Aquarium Society (SMMAS) is a friendly gathering of folks from all walks of life that share an interest in Marine Aquariums.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, we welcome everyone.  We have quarterly meetings to exchange ideas, discuss current conditions in member’s tanks, share and trade corals, and plan field trips.  Our goal is to educate ourselves as well as the general public about the saltwater aquarium hobby and to raise awareness of the delicate reefs we take care of, in and out of our aquariums.
Membership Info:
SMMAS membership is easy -- $20 per individual or $30 per family.

You can join online using paypal by clicking here.

Please select either the individual or family membership by choosing the cost to the right. Membership is for 1 year. You'll immediately be given full access to the club forum including the market place where our members post their live and dry goods for sale or trade. We will email you with a confirmation welcoming you to the club and give you access to the 'members only' areas of the forum. If you have any questions please feel free to email the board members at smmas@smmas.org. We also welcome walk-ins to our meetings that are posted on the forum. Membership dues can also be paid in person at the next meeting.
Upcoming Events:
Please see the forum for our upcoming meetings and locations.
Club Sponsors:
Air Water & Ice
Algae Barn
Pacific East Aquaculture
Premium Aquatics 
FantaSEA Aquariums 
Strange Sea Corals 
Window Reefs


Useful References (Reef Central):
Instant Algae Calc
Head Loss Calc
Sand Bed Calc
Tank Electrical Calc
Drain Overflow Size Calc
Sump Volume Calc
Tank Volume Calc
Water Change Calc
Unit Conversions Calc

Club Projects:
The SMMAS School Program now has four schools participating in our program to reach the next generation of Marine Aquarium Hobbyist. Our goal is to teach about the dangers our natural reefs face today and what we can do as hobbyist to help.

Southern Middle School:
The Southern Middle School Tank is making a come back from a major catastrophe last year. Mr. Klapper has done an outstanding job rebuilding the Southern Middle School educational tank. All together this build is over 400 gallons. There are several tanks including a 150 gallon Reef tank, a 150 gallon FOWLR, a 125 gallon submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) Chesapeake Bay tank and a Mosquito Fish breeding tank. More information about this tank build can be found on Mr. Klapper's website.



Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center:
We sponsor a 90 gallon tank at the Leonardtown Tech Center. We set this tank up on January 26, 2013.


Leonardtown Tech Center Sponsored Tank


Little Flower School:
The Little Flower School tank is a 75 gallon freshwater display.

Little Flower School Sponsored Tank